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Why NOWIRZ is the Solution

Wireless Access & Hotspots

Properly implementing a wireless network is an art: No one implementation is like the next and each has its own characteristics and challenges. Whether a Hospitality, Home Owners' Association, School, Corporate Enterprise or Community, a reliable wireless network is a necessity for anyone wanting to stay competitive in today’s consumer market -- Providing wireless access should be a seamless experience. Our customers have coined the phrase NOWIRZ = NO WORRIES.

“We have just celebrated our four-year anniversary with NOWIRZ,” said Ronda and Michael Kelly, The Waitsfield Inn, Waitsfield, Vermont. “We sincerely thank the NOWIRZ team for this successful installation and the great satisfaction of our guests—and the support staff has always been quick to respond.”

NOWIRZ is your source for all your wireless networking needs from engineering to implementation and ongoing support. We support what we build. This is what we do.


Wireless Client Portal and System Status

With the digital day and age growing at an accelerated rate, NOWIRZ understands the need to keep eyes on equipment and user usage to maintain a A+ wireless network. At NOWIRZ, we've developed a client portal that allows management to view current sessions, device status, device traffic graphs, view reports, edit your wireless Concierge page, and more.

Feel free to take a moment and view the power point presentation below that highlights the NOWIRZ Client Portal:

NOWIRZ Client Portal Power Point.

Wireless Re-Engineering

It is a hard thing to have spent money on a wireless network only to find it is not doing the job. NOWIRZ  engineers work diligently to correct an improperly implemented network while retaining the investment you have already made.

Our staff has the experience and creativity to use your existing assets while improving service to your guests. The Mirror Lake Inn, located in Lake Placid, is a perfect example of successful network re-engineering and optimization.

Click here to read our Mirror Lake Inn Case Study.

“I am amazed at how much better the coverage is with NOWIRZ hardware and engineering,” said Keith Hall, IT Director for the Mirror Lake Inn.


Corporate Infrastructure and PC Support

From procurement to implementation and support of your Server and Personal Computing environments, our experienced staff is available to work with you and all your business computing needs. Allow us to share our 15 years of experience in Information Technologies.

We believe our education makes for better support of our customers. Currently we maintain certifications from Microsoft, HP ProCurve, Colubris and Microtik. However our training does not stop with these companies. We are continually learning new technologies and software applications through hands-on experience.

Outsourcing your Information Technology needs to NOWIRZ is easy and affordable with support plans to fit any business size. Call us to custom build your service plan today.

Web Presence, Design and Development

Given the nature of our business, we know the importance of a strong Internet presence. NOWIRZ Creative is available to provide appropriate and exciting design solutions. NOWIRZ partners with Serena Fox for all your design needs. Serena has 20 years experience and the proven ability to present the perfect look coupled with successful navigation. Each design is studied and refined—to optimally reach a particular demographic and mission. Please let us know if you are interested in discussing customized design.

Our developers deliver robust web-based applications with an array of technologies including standards-compliant XHTML, CSS, PHP, relational databases and a range of other tools.  In many cases we can improve upon your existing website and application to better suit your needs.  We host and support your applications, guaranteeing the availability of your site and accuracy of your data.

Examples of our sites include Seldon Technologies and the Terra Rossa Ristorante, as well as several others.


Green Web Hosting with 99.9% uptime guarantee

NOWIRZ partners with MOSSO, The Rackspace Cloud. Cloud computing gives our customers the best Web Hosting Service Level Agreement available today. We believe in this technology so much we extend the same 99.9% uptime guarantee as provided by Mosso.

NOWIRZ offers flexible, full-featured hosting, including email, spam filtering, email forwarding, FTP access and server-side scripting support as standard services, with databases, shell access and other features available as additional options. Dedicated and Co-Located Server options are available for both Windows and Open Source Platforms and applications.

With our 24x7 Vermont-based support, you have access to all of our services and at reasonable rates through our competent and capable staff. Call or email us to custom-build your service plan today.

Did we mention Environmentally Friendly Hosting?

Mosso | The Rackspace Cloud operates our servers in intelligent clusters, which makes us fairly efficient with our infrastructure and power usage. Still, internet operations need electricity, and a majority of that power is generated from coal-burning power plants. Mosso, in partnership with Native Energy, is countering our environmental impact by offsetting the power we use from fossil fuels with renewable energy credits. Our goals are to make our hosting operation completely carbon neutral and to invest in projects that bring more clean energy into the power grid. You can read more about how this program works on Native Energy's website.


Superior Customer Service

NOWIRZ engineering, development and support teams are dedicated to providing the best of customer care and assistance 24 hours a day, seven days a week. The entire group has personal and first-hand knowledge of every customized or re-engineered system—therefore, when you call or mail, you get the very best: No grey areas, only specialized, first-rate assistance right away.

NOWIRZ provides a local, experienced staff to design and implement your network. In order to provide efficient and effective 5-Star Service, we understand the nuances of each implementation. We personally visit all client sites, have direct knowledge of all projects, and develop documentation from the original design for the post-installation support.

24-hour Customer Care / Tech Support

A NOWIRZ support agreement comes with several guarantees.
  1. A Toll Free Support Line staffed by NOWIRZ employees.
  2. If we are assisting others, you are guaranteed a call back within one hour.
  3. In the event of an emergency, we will respond to a direct page within 15 minutes.
  4. All NOWIRZ supported devices at your site are monitored 24x7.
  5. If an on-site visit is required, a NOWIRZ technician will be there within one business day.
  6. Failed hardware will be replaced within one business day of on-site evaluation.
Many of our competitors outsource support to third parties where the professionals assigned to the client are unfamiliar with the original implementation. In contrast, we understand the importance first-hand knowledge to best meet our clients’ needs.

Our business is dependent on your business. Your workdays are our workdays. We work for you and your users.

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